What our attendees are saying about
PWCA’s CRUSH IT Prevailing Wage Workshops:

“Wow. I was impressed! Unlike most boring webinars, your webinar was the most engaging and instructive webinar I had ever attended. I’d strongly recommend it.” 

—Linda, Environmental Company, San Diego, California

“. . . I cannot express how much your presentation educated me. You’re an excellent facilitator and an expert in your field. I have learned so much from all of your classes . . . ”

—Jonna, Human Resources Manager, Demolition & Environmental Construction, Signal Hill, California

“Thank you again for getting back to us so quickly . . . You did such a great job breaking down public works and prevailing wages that we won’t be needing an additional class for anyone in our office at this time. We’ll probably attend a future class down the road just to brush up on our prevailing wage knowledge – Thank you again”

—Hien, Environmental Company, San Diego, CA

“I would strongly recommend this class. The instructor is amazing and very helpful. And yes . . . you guys CRUSHED IT, as advertised.”

—Iahairra, Striping Company, Buena Park, CA

“I would encourage payroll clerks to take this class as soon as they can because I have learned a great deal of information I needed for public works projects. The class was more than I expected.”

— Alicia, Striping Company, Buena Park, CA

“Take public works seriously and take this class seriously. You guys absolutely CRUSHED IT. The instructor was engaging and enthusiastic. Enjoyed the entire class. “

—Seabree, Building Corporation, San Diego, CA

“Have questions ready and bring your documentation. Be ready to realize that you are doing some things very wrong. I learned more than I expected to learn.”

—Gloria, Construction Company, San Diego

“It was a true pleasure having you as our compliance instructor. Not only was it fun but it was very informative.

—Eric, Construction Co., Encino, CA

“Great information about documentation and maintaining certified payroll files! Great information from your legal aspect about compliance, documentation, Safe Harbor Laws, and Forms. Great information about apprenticeships.”

—Suzanne, Payroll Administrator, Highway Construction, Ventura, CA

The annual talk and text subscription is a must have to any contractor working on public works projects.  Public works projects laws and regulations are a constant moving target.  Contractors and accounting staff need to focus on their trades.  We don’t have bandwidth to keep up public works compliance which is where the “talk and text” subscription comes into play.   

The PWCA Team is responsive to all requests and I consider Public Works Compliance Advisors a partner.  I highly recommend utilizing this service to answer any of your questions, you will not regret it!

—Cara Ward, Project Manager, Thunder Mountain Enterprises, Inc., Sacramento, CA