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As Compliance Specialist of PWCA Inc, Virginia brings her enthusiasm for the Construction Industry, along with almost 30 years of construction and public works compliance experience.  Virginia has vast experience with all types of disciplines in the construction industry, including, but not limited to engineering, general contracting, sub-contracting and material suppliers. 

Virginia also has experience working with the Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) and Caltrans. She has conducted Local Assistance Audits for Caltrans on numerous public works state funded projects.

Alongside her team at PWCA, Virginia stands ready to address a wide range of State or Federal compliance challenges PWCA’s clients might face.

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Compliance on Demand
(Unlimited Talk and Text)

You and your staff can now call, or text or email your public works compliance questions as often as you need to. No more worries about getting it wrong, only to be fined later by the DIR. No more unpredictable legal bills every month for those basic yet critical prevailing wage legal questions you need answers to RIGHT NOW. At PWCA, we understand the power of ANSWERS NOW. So, if your staff calls today, we’ll assist you today. Simple as that.

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This is more of an interactive radio talk show production than it is a garden-variety webinar. Enjoy the energy from two expert instructors—one from our compliance department, the other from our legal department. Learn everything DIR, including a full wage determination from the DIR’s website.

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On occasion, the State Labor Commissioner or the Federal Department of Labor Chief will investigate a project that names all contractors and engineers. When that happens, PWCA’s Legal Department moves swiftly into action to protect its clients against steep fines and penalties.

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DIR Compliance / Prevailing Wage Seminar, Advanced

No basic beginner stuff here. Instead, we begin with unpacking the 5 pillars of construction contract law that leads to all compliance, including DIR prevailing wage compliance. Students are required to solve a complex wage determination puzzle from the contract. Then complete a full wage determination by hand as the puzzle’s wages rates are pulled from the DIR’s website.

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Project / Compliance Management

We offer two (2) types of project management:

1) Our a la carte management service, which means you can selectively choose which compliance tasks you would have PWCA manage for you, or,

2) our turn-key management service, which means PWCA would manage every aspect of your DIR and apprenticeship compliance mandates.

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In-House DIR Compliance Audit

Since the DIR can go back as far as eighteen (18) months from the final completion of a project, fines and penalties can compound for each day the infractions remain outstanding. Knowing this, PWCA’s legal team will audit then correct those infractions that can be corrected and mitigate on those infractions that can’t be corrected. The key is to have PWCA audit your past projects before the DIR does.

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