Here’s what contractors are saying about PWCA’s Compliance on Demand:

“We’ve been a PWCA Compliance on Demand subscriber for two years now. Having this subscription is like having PWCA as a partner to our business. Whether we call, text or email, we receive answers and/or a response from PWCA’s legal or compliance department the same day. No more waiting 3 days for the DIR to get back with me—if they get back with me at all. I would therefore recommend PWCA’s Compliance on Demand program to any contractor who’s involved with public works prevailing wage projects.”
—Cara Ward, Operations Manager Thunder Mountain Environmental

The advantages of becoming a Compliance-On-Demand (Talk-and-Text) subscriber are innumerable. Subscribers will receive much-needed advice and guidance pertaining to public works and prevailing wage laws. As a public works contractor, you and your staff will have immediate access to experienced public works compliance professionals at all levels, which include, but not limited to, routine questions surrounding DIR, DLSE or DOL (federal) compliance, certified payroll, wage determinations and apprenticeship requirements.

What Is “Compliance-on-Demand"?

On Demand means you get ANSWERS NOW. Compliance-on-Demand is just that: ANSWERS NOW. PWCA’s Prevailing Wage and Labor Compliance program covers you for one (1) calendar year. Compliance on Demand provides same-day compliance support to the staff and management of public works contractors throughout California. PWCA’s proprietary Penalty Prevention Program (or “3P Program”) shepherds certified payroll staff through those day-to-day administrative questions pertaining to “in-the-moment” needs so as to keep you in compliance with the DIR at the state level or the DOL at the federal level.

Our Experience

The underlying strength of PWCA’s Compliance on Demand program is based on who we are as a publicworks compliance specialist. PWCA staff of compliance specialists and labor law attorneys have over 30+ years of public-works law and payroll compliance experience. Our experience ranges from financing public works projects to turn-key compliance management with public works contractors throughout California. From our vast experience, we have developed proven penalty-prevention programs to stay ahead of the highly punitive fines and penalties levelled against contractors by the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR).
What the “Compliance-On-Demand” Program Covers:
The PWCA On-Demand program covers

Unlimited Talk, Text and Email Assistance​

Imaging this. You and your staff can now call, or text or email your public works compliance questions as often as you need answers. No more worries about getting it wrong, only to be fined later by the DIR. No more hesitating to call for help when something quirky pops up. And no more unpredictable legal bills every month for those basic prevailing wage or legal questions you need answers to RIGHT NOW. At PWCA, we understand the power of ANSWERS NOW. So, if your staff calls today, we’ll assist you today. Simple as that. We assist with navigating you through your routine certified payroll procedures that DIR regulators fail to provide. AND NO MONTHLY BILLS.

Document Review

Should you receive an uncomfortable email or a letter from the DIR, the Awarding Body, the GC, a Union, or a watchdog group, send it to us for review and feedback. We will review and advise within 24 hours or sooner. NO MONTHLY BILLS.

Assist with Writing Responses

When needed, PWCA will review and revise your sensitive responses to important inquires relating to your public works and prevailing wage projects. NO MONTHLY BILLS.

Conference Call Back-up

Our team is standing by to join you on those uncomfortable conference calls between you and an opposing attorney, a union representative, the GC, the DIR, or any other entity that poses a compliance or legal threat to your company. We’ve got your back with NO MONTHLY BILLS.

We offer 24/7 as well as Holiday and Weekend Coverage

By having our personal phone numbers, the PWCA staff is available to respond to your phone calls every day, year-round. NO MONTHLY BILLS.

State and Federal Coverage

Your one-year Compliance on Demand subscription covers both state and federal Davis-Bacon compliance questions. NO MONTHLY BILLS.

Reduced Hourly Rate for Out of Scope Work

In the event you need services not covered by your subscription (see Out of Scope services specified below), your hourly rate will be reduced from our open rate of $165.00 per hour to the lowered rate of $135.00 per hour. When this occurs, PWCA will advise you in advance for your written approval. Otherwise, the services performed will be free of charge. NO MONTHLY BILLS UNLESS APPROVED IN ADVANCE BY YOU.

Subscribe to PWCA’s Compliance-On-Demand online right now at

NOTE: On occasion, a subscriber’s inquiry might require a telephone call directly to the DIR for legislative clarification, which could result in unforeseen delays when responding to a subscriber’s request. In the event PWCA establishes contact with a DIR authority on the subject matter with which PWCA was presented, the subscriber will be so informed immediately. In other words, there are times when the DIR’s website information might conflict with the California Public Works Manual, or even the Labor Code. Such conflicts would be beyond PWCA’s control. There are also times when DIR officials cannot or will not provide clear answers to certain questions posed by PWCA without first obtaining a legal opinion from the DIR’s legal department. In such instances, PWCA will notify the subscriber of such conflicts.

What the “On-Demand” Program Does Not Cover:

The PWCA On-Demand-Compliance Program does not cover:

In-office Document Processing

Your subscription does not cover certified payroll preparation and submission to the DIR or the General Contractor / Awarding Body by PWCA’s staff.

Extensive Research

Your subscription does not cover extensive research needed by PWCA staff, such any part of a DIR / DOL wage determination conflicts in the law or procedure, nor the review of a contract over 10 pages

DAS 140 and 142 submissions

Your subscription does not cover the preparation and submission of apprenticeship compliance documents to apprenticeship committees.

Project Management

Your subscription does not cover compliance and project management, such as supervising and reviewing subcontractors’ certified and apprenticeship payrolls.

Physical Document Preparation

Your subscription does not cover any actual labor performed by PWCA’s compliance staff: such as the physical preparation or submission of any DIR compliance documents, including the preparation and submission of certified payroll documents. 6

DLSE Audit Requests

Your subscription does it extend to travelling to any office or job site by PWCA staff. Should such services listed in this section be requested by the subscriber, a separate fee at the reduced rate will be charged for such services.
NOTE: If needed, legal services that requires licensed attorneys would be billed to your company at the rate of $350.00 per hour for representation. Hourly rates and estimates by PWCA MUST BE APPROVED BY YOU, IN WRITING, before billing your company for any of the above-stated open rate amounts.
Juliet Park

Speak With The Expert

Juliet Park

Juliet brings over 21 years of state and federal compliance experience to PWCA. As a former Senior Compliance Investigator for a highly respected compliance company, Juliet enjoyed the high honor of being in direct administration of over $2 billion in public works projects including the California High Speed Rail Authority, Construction Packages 1, 2 and 3. Juliet bore the responsibility of navigating through PLA/CBA requirements and strict labor code requirements so as to protect her construction clientele from receiving hefty government fines and penalties. Today, Juliet stands ready to assist you with the challenges you face as you strive to stay in compliance with the State DIR and/or the Federal DOL.

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