Turn-Key Project Management

The term “Turn-Key” as defined in this proposal means “everything DIR” as it relates to the prevailing wage laws and all 29 CFR compliance procedures as outlined in the project(s) contract. PWCA will Manage and Oversee you company’s Prevailing Wage and Certified Payroll procedures pursuant to the California Labor Code, Section 1720 et. secs. 1773.1 and 8 CCR 16000, when applicable, from Beginning to End. Project management includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Contract, Purchase Order, RFP or RFQ Review: Upon receipt of the project’s contract, we will customize a compliance checklist based on the contract’s and the DIR’s mandates.
  2. Project Intake Form / Onboarding: Our Compliance Team will meet with our Legal Team to merge your employee or subcontractor payroll information with the above-stated mandates. When applicable, we apply relevant information to any mandated reporting platforms, such as LCP Tracker, Elations, etc.
  3. Process Weekly Certified Payroll Reports: Submit electronic uploads (eCPR’s) to the DIR and the manual A-1-131, and, when necessary, federal Davis-Bacon WHD 347’s (for submission to GC per the contract).
  4. Process Journeyman and Apprenticeship Compliance Submissions: Submit timely DAS 140 and 142 filings pursuant to California Apprenticeship Standards,
  5. Process CAC Training Funds Contributions: Monthly submissions with verification of payment to the CAC.
  6. Audit Subcontractor’s Weekly or Bi-weekly A-1-131 Certified Payroll Records
  7. Audit Subcontractor’s Weekly or Bi-weekly eCPRs (Electronic Certified Payroll Uploads)
  8. Process Statements of Nonperformance (when appropriate)

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