Public Works Compliance Advisors

State Certified Payroll Workshops

We CRUSH IT! Learn the 10 most common mistakes contractors make when calculating certified payroll. Learn proven penalty-prevention strategies when managing subcontractors on public works projects. At PWCA, we make the certified payroll process easier to understand. CRUSH IT! is not just a slogan, but a method of intense, hands-on training that focuses on actual wage determinations on public works projects, PWCA workshops take you through real-time, practical applications that address day-to-day certified payroll challenges.  PWCA workshops are held state-wide and year-round.

Federal Davis-Bacon Certified Payroll Workshops

Learn the key federal prevailing wage and certified payroll mandates surrounding the Federal Davis-Bacon Act and its wage decision sub-components. We examine the federal apprenticeship-to-journeymen requirements and correct any deficiencies. You will also discover the federal mandates pertaining to the Department of Labor’s “Little Davis Bacon” rules and how they overlap with the state’s labor code mandates.

Custom In-House Prevailing Wage Training

PWCA brings prevailing wage training directly to you. We work in tandem with your staff so as to design an in-house training program unique to your company’s most crucial compliance needs. In-house training focuses on your niche construction industry while we train each department. We train your sales staff from 8:30 am – 10:30 am, your project managers and related staff from 10:30 am –12:30 p.m., and your administrative and payroll staff from 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm.

In-House Compliance Review

PWCA’s Compliance Review is the closest thing to receiving a DIR compliance audit, except we PREVENT DIR FINES AND PENALTIES from occurring. Alongside your staff, we thoroughly review your past and present certified payroll processes. We examine your apprenticeship-to-journeymen requirements and correct any deficiencies. We examine your union contracts, your awarding body contracts, and your subcontractor contracts to unearth prevailing wage obligations that might have been overlooked.

Compliance-On-Demand (Unlimited Talk & Text)

For less than $2.00 per day, PWCA’s Compliance-On-Demand provides unlimited talk-and-text advice from our compliance experts. Compliance-on-demand means your company has access to talk, text and email compliance support without the burden of monthly bills. For a small annual fee, your certified payroll staff will get the compliance answers they need on demand.